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Wedge Medical

I wanted to get the account from the Frankford Civic Association on what has transpired so far with Wedge Medical opening up on Frankford Avenue within sight of the PAL center.

Yes, the civic found this out and opposed their work permits. Kevin Walsh did the research and brought it to the Civic’s attention.

It was discussed over the past few meetings and petitions against were circulated. The owner of the building applied for a medical center/rehab in November and the civic had 30 days to appeal – at the cost of $200.00. An Anonymous donor put up the money and the civic appealed. Like NET no zoning variance is needed.

We only have the work permits to appeal. At the hearing the information was circulated about Wedge Med and their services. The hearing was last week and it was continued. It was at that hearing that the name of the provider was established, until then we were working with an owner’s name only. We are presenting more information at the next civic. We are hoping to stop another Rehab from coming to FKD. We did not get wind of NET until it was too late but we found out about this in time.

Wedge med is a For Profit Company according to the PA Dept of State. We will stop this and hope the community and our elected officials will support us in this.

FKD Civic