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I wasn’t expecting to meet anybody on my trip out to get an updated picture of the Twins at PowderMill but as I was going down Leiper Street I noticed two men diligently working on the stone wall that surrounds the little park on the corner of Leiper and Orthodox.

I stopped to ask them what brought them out on the first day of spring and they said that the wall was in dire need of some repairs. Not as serious as the I-95 debacle but still in need of work.

I have always been masonry challenged. It looks like it should be easy. You get sand, water, cement and some bricks or stones and put them together. Based on my experience, I can tell you it is not easy. These guys were master masons. No, not the guys who march in the parades, guys who actually can build something.

Now I would like to remember what is the name of that little park.

Thanks to a helpful reader:

Overington Park? I used to play football there. “

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  1. Overington Park? I used to play football there.

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