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Twins at PowderMill

The weather has been great for construction these past few weeks and the Twins at PowderMill are moving right along.  Framing on the Cayuga Street side is finished on the first 12 homes. Roofing is complete and windows are in.  Looks like siding is next.  On Wingohocking Street, the second group of 8 is almost completely framed on the exterior.

2 thoughts on “Twins at PowderMill

  1. These homes are looking good. I would like to see the inside of both a handicapped accessable home and a regular home when they get done.

  2. Hi, As a hairdresser at the haircutters, a client confided to me that these homes were to be built, and that was a little over 4 years ago. I never kept it a secret, and told alot of clients about it. Why? Word out is, this neighborhood is not what it used to be, and it’s really changing around here. Looking for neighborhood excitement to curb the crime, and we will all be happy again, and small busniess will come back. I believe the new homes will be incentive. Happy homemaking everybody!

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