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Overington Park sparkles

Diane Kunze reports on the Spring into your park event on April 26th:

Our event on April 26, 2008, Spring Into Your Park, was a big 
success! We had the largest number of volunteers of the 67 parks that 
participated. 81 men, women, and children came and helped clean, 
mulch, and plant our park. PHS (Pennsylvania Horticultural Society) came and took pictures of the work and informed us that our event was the most successful in the city that 
day. We have two new flower beds along Orthodox Street, and we 
refreshed all other beds in the park. We now have our own SMA, 
(seasonal maintenance worker), cleaning the park. He goes by Mac, so if 
you see him working around our park offer him your thanks for a job 
well done. The work on the wall is wrapping up. It look great!  We 
are hoping to plan future events to use this wonderful park. We want 
all the families to know the park belongs to them and to use it with 
pride, and care. Thanks for all the support the neighborhood has 
given our park. Go Overington Park!

ps: The Frankford Garden Club plant sale on Sat. May 10th, was a big 
success! We sold every plant that day. There was some concern over 
the weather, but the people came out and bought all we had to offer. 
Frankford will be a little greener this summer thanks to the garden 
clubs efforts.