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Deni Playground

We had an email tip from the Deni Playground Advisory Council today.  This is the heart of it:

The Deni Playground Advisory Council which was set up last year by former Councilman Dan Savage has been succesfully running activities at Deni Playground. This past winter we had cup stacking (speed stacking) for the kids every Friday night. Father Steve, St. Joachim’s Pastor and a DPAC Board Member allowed us to use the Pope John Paul II room to run the cup stacking program.
This year we named the Deni baseball team the Whiz Kids. The name comes from the 1950 Philadelphia Phillies team. In 1950 the Phillies were young and won the NL Title that year. Their nickname was the Whiz Kids.
Deni baseball has been running since the end of April and will continue until Friday, June 27th when the kids will receive trophies after the final game. The Deni Whiz Kids play Wednesday and Friday nights from 6- 8pm. They also play on Sunday from 12-1:30 pm. This Sunday is canceled due to the extreme heat.
As soon as possible we will get down there and get some video.  This is a link to the Deni Playground Advisory Council newsletter.  Thanks for keeping us informed.