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Frankford is Waiting – Kung Fu Necktie

A while back I told you about the Old Penalty Box at Front and Thompson being turned into “The Fu”.  Well apparently it’s full name is Kung Fu Necktie and it’s open.  The crew in Northern Liberties is discussing it here.

Why should we care?  Cause it’s (probably) a hip spot sitting under the el and it’s in Kensington.  Kensington!!!!!!!!  I don’t care what anyone says,  Kensington sucks way more than Frankford.  But it’s in the path of prosperity and things have begun to grow there.  So we’re paying attention.

2 thoughts on “Frankford is Waiting – Kung Fu Necktie

  1. Thats right Jim. Its only a matter of time. FKD will be the new Nolibs. We a great, convenient location and intersting buildings in need of some love.

  2. […] already Kung Fu Necktie, the El Bar is a regular hipster hangout and now comes news of Shenanigan’s Too.  So […]

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