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Worrell-Winter House

The recently restored historic Worrell-Winter house will be open to the public on August 20 at Noon to celebrate The King’s Highway Day in the Frankford Section of Philadelphia.
Come out and see this 300-year old home, that is a major part in the history of our Country.
Please wear a face covering and keep distance rules.
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Worrell-Winter House

Reported by Patrick Hodynski

U.S. 50 Star & Colonial 13 Colony “Betsy Ross” Flags raised at 1548 Adams Avenue.
The owner is looking to hold an open house for all interested in 5 to 6 weeks. Will update as soon as date and time are finalized. New/old flooring, bathroom & kitchen, and a chunk of the original joist.

Worrel-Winter House at 1548 Adams Avenue

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Cramer’s to Return to Frankford

Patrick Hodynski reporting:
Cramer’s Uniforms, long standing in Frankford, suffered a set back a few weeks ago when a fire ravaged their store, and stock.  But I discovered today that Cramer’s Uniform will, like the Phoenix, be rising from the ashes, and will not skip a beat.
Cramer’s is relocating just one block up from their previous location, and will be open before the start of the school year.
So for all their clients who were thinking “WHERE WILL WE GET OUR THINGS THIS YEAR?” Be of good courage, Cramer’s Uniforms is here for you.  Cramer’s is taking over the former Rainbow Shop right next to the Frankford Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia.
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Worrel-Winter House Update

Patrick Hodynski reports that the Worrel-Winter House at 1548 Adams Avenue is being rehabbed by the owner.   Work is expected to be complete within a few months.

As Harry Kyriakodis said on Hidden City Philadelphia: “At 1548 Adams Avenue in Frankford there is a small, modest home with a big, important history. The two-story house is believed to have been built between 1712 and 1718 and is one of the oldest historical structures listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historical Places. ”

Reports Hodynski:  “He is upgrading Electric and needed to replace the First floor’s floor due to termites but is restoring as much as possible. Purchased 200-year-old tongue & groove planks from an old barn to redo floor.  It will now be a 2.5 Bedroom House with kitchen & Bath on 1st floor.”

See pictures below:

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