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Frankford Civic Association Meeting

Frankford Civic met tonight and on the agenda were a number of important issues:

  • One zoning issue from a past meeting was updated.  Since there were some new folks at the meeting looking for information or support, Pete briefed them on the role of the Civic in this arena.  The Civic does not look to obstruct business.  The Civic desires t0 help new businesses come into Frankford, provided they meet their legal obligations and are supported by the community.
  • A member of Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez staff spoke about the budget cuts that are devastating recreational programs.  The bottom line is that the cuts must be made to balance the budget and the focus must now be on making up for the lack of funds with community involvement.  Many at the meeting expressed concern over what will happen to the kids this summer when they are out of school and have no swimming pools or to cool off in.  No solid answers were provided.
  • A representative of the 15th district PDAC (Police District Advisory Council) talked about the closing of the curfew centers.    How will the effect the problem of kids on the streets late in the summers.  All were advised to attend the next town hall meeting at the Perzel center on Monday night to voice their opinion.
  • Brian read a letter that was sent to Roland Lamb at the Office of Addiction Services.  The point of the letter was to request that a promised meeting be scheduled.  This is to be a community meeting to determine the degree of support for the various drug services offered within the Frankford area.

As usual, the meeting was orderly and fast paced.