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Murder in Frankford

Number 12 for this year, from the Daily News:

A young man was shot in the back and in the back of the head in Northeast Philadelphia last night. Homicide Lt. Philip Riehl said the unidentified victim was gunned down on Cottage Street near Wakeling at 7:33 p.m. The victim, who appeared to be in his late teens or early 20s, died shortly after at Frankford Hospital-Torresdale, Riehl said. Two men who were spotted near the crime scene were brought in for questioning, but no charges had been filed against either. Anyone with information about the crime can call 215-696-3334 or -3335.

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1 thought on “Murder in Frankford

  1. This neighborhood is RIDICULOUS!!! A week away from Christmas? When is this gonna STOP!?! People have NO RESPECT FOR LIFE!!!And the person(s) responsible for this is a PUNK to shoot somebody period but in the BACK of the head? The victim was a CHILD he had his whole life ahead of him and he more then likely didn’t see his killer’s face and that’s what makes this suspect(s) a COWARD!!!! I hope the 15th district starts doing a better job in finding these KILLERS, too many of our young are DYING and over what? There NEEDS to be MORE police patroling in these areas. Where were the police at 7:30pm? It’s not like it was 2 in the morning, where are the witnesses? I pray that somebody, anybody comes forward with information to catch the WORTHLESS PIECE OF SH** who did this! I hope the suspect(s) is caught SOON & NEVER gets to see the light of day!!! My condolensences go out to this young man’s family.

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