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Phillyskyline Honors Frankford with a Visit

phillyskylinewalkingtourI am a huge fan of phillyskyline.  Like huge, don’t get me started.  Brad Maule has done an incredible job telling the story of Philadelphia through his photo essays.  They recently did some excellent work while walking from the Church Street El stop down to the Matt Papajohn’s Globe Dye Works on Torresdale Ave.  You can see it here.  There’s also a companion piece by Nathaniel Popkin who accompanied Mr Maule on his journey.

If he ever came back, I’d love to see him head west and tackle the Frankford Creek and the mills around Adams Ave.  There’s a lot more to Frankford than a trip down Church St and some shots from the El stops,  but this was an excellent start.

2 thoughts on “Phillyskyline Honors Frankford with a Visit

  1. Councilwoman Sanchez does not live in Frankford and knows nothing about Frankford. I thought Coucilwoman Sanchez was elected by the people. She acts like at dictator. Who does she think she is?

  2. Brad Maule of phillyskyline in his “about page” states that the objective of the phillyskyline website is to “present and honest look … at the city”. The article has many inaccuracies and most are portrayed by Councilwoman Sanchez. The writer should have checked his facts before writing this article.

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