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Frankford Special Services District public meeting

Frankford Special Services District held their annual public meeting this morning with about 20 people in attendance.  It was universally agreed by all attending that the appearance of the district is much improved over what it was before with no cleaning services.  Some in attendance made suggestions for improvements that could be made and the members of the board responded to those questions.  There was also concern expressed about the methods of assessing the business owners and the lack of understanding about what was going on along the avenue.


Some of the other issues discussed:

  • Even though there are plenty of trash containers, people still walk by them and litter.  Hopefully in the future the city can launch an education campaign to combat this.
  • Why are there no liners in the trash cans?  This is by design.  It is a budget consideration and also operationally makes it more difficult to empty the containers.  Other special service districts use a the same procedure.
  • There are people who use the area behind the pawn shop at Frankford and Margaret as a dumping ground.  That can be called in to the 15th district police and made a roll call issue.
  • People who own the barber shop near Frankford and Margaret would like another trash can.  It is a high traffic area.
  • Some folks are not getting notices from the district.
  • People would like to see the ambassadors program come back.  The cost of that program cannot be covered by the tax assessments but funding may be available through a grant and the board is working to make that happen.
  • How do you get on the board of the special services district?  All that information is available on the web site.
  • Can a public toilet be made available since no public facilities are available?  Difficult to do this but more businesses should provide facilities to their customers even if it for a small fee.

For further information about the Frankford Special Services District go to their web site here.

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  1. I wish this meeting was held in the evening so I could tell Frankford Special Service District to keep up the good work. They are doing an outstanding job.

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