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Frankford’s Haiku Master

I spent nearly two years in Japan soaking up the culture but I never appreciated Haiku until I read Jack Hohenstein’s book.  This makes Jack my second favorite poet after Walt Whitman, not bad.  The idea is to express something in very few words.  Jack’s book is filled with Haiku about life.  You will see Frankford in there along with other places and people and family.  hohenstein026

I asked Jack for permission to include a few of his Haiku and he only stipulated that I pick a good one.  The photograph cover was by Mike Hohenstein, Jack’s son.  Published by Full Court Press, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.  Jack is a resident of Frankford and we are lucky to have him.

These are three of my favorite:

Without bugs and birds

Would human beings have dreamed

That they too could fly?

Street scene

Her daughter in tow

Mother, son and open book

Spell their way to school.

and finally

I notice the snake

That turns laughter to slaughter

And become silent.

Copyright 2005 Jack Hohenstein