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Sure Looked Different Without That El

At Frankford and Orthodox



and now


7 thoughts on “Sure Looked Different Without That El

  1. Before and after pictures are not always easy to do. People build els in front of the subject or the camera lenses don’t quite match. In this case it’s very interesting because there is a lot to take in. I always wondered about the odd spacing of the windows on the Orthodox Street side. You have a set up front on the second and third floor that don’t match the rest to the rear. Now comparing the original building with today, you can see somebody tacked on that addition in the back. They did a nice job though.

    The second building in from the corner, I at first thought was not in the original but if you look at the window spacing just under the el it does match the old picture above.

    Give us more.

  2. I believe that was a dunkin donuts in the 80s. I caught the bus there often to get down to Church. I still have great memories of growing up in Frankford.


  3. The dunkin donuts was before my time, but I do remember it being a Donut Hut or something one off. Still might be actually.

  4. The Dunkin Donuts I remember was the one at the foot of Oxford Ave. This one was another small chain like Donut Town or something like that. I actually liked their donuts better than Dunkin. That is if my frail memory is correct.

  5. Going back to 1957, I remember when this was a Sun-Ray Drug store. It had a great little area in the back with a counter & booths. I loved this place, we went there for ice cream all the time!

  6. The Sun Ray that I remember was at Overington by the library. That was where I remember seeing the first camera that I ever really wanted. I was 9 in 1954 and may have received it in time for Christmas.

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