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The Owner of 1338 Harrison Checks In, And I Have An Official Statement From Our Councilwoman

burned-house-wreckage“rich jolly”, probably the owner of 1338 Harrison(although on the internet you really never can tell) left a comment explaining his position.

i am the owner of 1338 Harrison St and lived there for 30yrs before i moved out in 1998, i now rent the property out and recently had a major fire 2 months back , the insurance co had to do a full investigation and i was unable to get rid of anything until now which i plan on cleaning the front of the house sat april 18 if I’m able to get a dumpster, if not sat then during the week. growing up in fkd most of my life and watching the house you lived in burn down is a very hard thing to handle. i have full intentions to fix this property up if structurally possible and apologize for the look of the condition the house is in now

And yesterday at 4:15 PM, councilwoman Sanchez got back to me after the Director of Enforcement and Neighborhood Services got back to her in regards to the property. He says the property got inspected on 3/19/09 and that violations were issued.  And what this means is that the owner of the property has has 30 days to fix said violations. The city inspector is scheduled to come out on 4/20/2009(this Monday) to verify that the property has been brought back into compliance.  If it hasn’t, the city will remove the debris, and fine the owner for the inconvenience.

This is a most welcomed coincidence for Mr Jolly.  His weekend schedule has freed him up to tend to his property before the city steps in that Monday.

Also, over on phillyblog we’re discussing whether insurance companies force homeowners to leave (the word for this shit goes beyond trash) hazardous material for kids to play on for months at a time.

Now it just seems we must wait till Monday.  This has been a fun exercise in civic engagement.  I’ll have pics of this property, cleared or dirty, next week.

[the entire saga]

3 thoughts on “The Owner of 1338 Harrison Checks In, And I Have An Official Statement From Our Councilwoman

  1. It will be well done when this refuse is removed.

  2. Nice article, Jim

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