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Pics From Layers

This Globe Dye Works Layers event has done some fine press for Frankford.  There was an article about it in CityPaper.  I guess this entry in Thrillist is worth noting.  And down on the site they are saying cool things about it.  And I personally saw the downtown crew getting off the Market-Frankford El at Church Street and walking down to Torresdale.








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  1. This truly is an exciting time to live in Frankford! These guys are taking chances in our neighborhood and I hope they succeed. The old Mills are what made Frankford flourish, and now these same mills hopefully will bring Frankford back. It was really kind of the gentlemen to open the doors to the community. I was surprise at was how many people from Frankford attended.Thanks guys. Thanks jre, I wouldn’t have known about this if not for the Frankford Gazette.

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