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Fox News Geographically Challenged

Fox News must be geographically challenged or just too lazy to check where the 6400 block of Frankford Avenue (map) lies.

The FBI is hunting for a bank robber who attacked a customer in Philadelphia’s Frankford section.  Police say the man jumped the counter at the Wachovia Bank Branch on the 6400 block of Frankford Avenue around 10:25 a.m. Friday.

It does not lie in Frankford but in Mayfair.  Why do they call it myfoxphilly of they don’t know the neighborhoods.  Of course they could always do a correction but they never have in the past.

2 thoughts on “Fox News Geographically Challenged

  1. That’s great for Frankford then cause the Grey Lodge is south of what Fox thinks is Frankford’s north border, so now we have a great bar.

  2. Don’t forget the Point After on Frankford Ave! I remember the good old days going to the Art Holiday then for a night cap we closed out the Point After.

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