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New Frankford Community Y

As reported on, the New Frankford Community Y is in peril.

The community Y is self-funded but has received state grants; an anticipated grant for $200,000 didn’t come through last year.

Tobin hasn’t been able to pay his employees for about a month.

“They’ve hung in there with me which is fantastic, I mean, they’re great people,” Tobin said.

The 800 Y members, who have depended on the center’s gym facilities and only indoor pool in the area are stunned by the proposed closing.

The ripple effect of the housing collapse and economic downturn continue to hit Frankford in the form of funding cuts.

It was confirmed, at the Frankford Civic Association meeting tonight, that the Y will close on Friday.  There is some hope that another operator may be found for the facility.  Discussions with at least two interested parties have taken place but no deal is in place as yet.