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Overington House Bake Sale

The Frankford Festival has been rescheduled for September 19th.  Given the rain today, that was certainly a wise choice.

The folks at Overington House went on with the bake sale though and I stopped by to take some pictures.  overington house groupIt was pouring when I got there but cheerful inside.  This goups is posing with some of the goods available.  There were not only baked goods but also hand made crafts that clearly involved a lot of work to get together.

My main impression was that I wish I had time to stay for lunch.  These chicken skewers smelled very enticing but I only had a few minutes, so no luck there.

overington kabobsThe event was such a success that there will be a repeat performance next Saturday June 27th.  Hopefully the weather will clear up but even if it doesn’t, stop by and say hello and spend a few bucks.  They say money spent on a worthy cause always come back to you.

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  1. Thank you for joining us at our Overington House bake sale. We will not be open on the 27th because of the other events taking place,however we will be scheduling for a date sometime in mid July will keep you posted.
    PS Come ready to eat:)
    Marie DeLany

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