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John Moore, UPenn Professor of Fine Arts Has Taken Up Space At The Dye Works

John Moore is the outgoing chair for the University of Pennsylvania’s Departmenet of Fine Arts.  I got a view of his art space when I took my first tour of the Dye Works with Chris Wink.  And let me tell you, it’s impressive, so impressive that I was too intimidated to take any photos of it.  But there is a pic of his space on the brochure for the Dye Works, it’s page 4, the top left pic.  It’s an actual artist space filled with art and such too.  Charlie Abdo told me he came to view his spot like 10 times at different times of the day to make sure the lighting was right.

I thought it was interesting that a UPenn fine arts master would come to Frankford, but on taking a look at his pieces, there’s definitely an industrial past kinda vibe.  The blog Painting Perceptions, who has a bunch of his stuff up online,  calls him “one of the leading realist painters working today.”  I haven’t actually talked to this dude, but if I do, I’ll definitely throw out an update.

2 thoughts on “John Moore, UPenn Professor of Fine Arts Has Taken Up Space At The Dye Works

  1. Awesome! Just can’t get enough of these lofts. Why don’t the Northeast times tell this story about Frankord?

  2. We used to have a closer relationship with the reporters that covered Frankford. But ever since it’s operations have been folded into the Inqy/Daily News we really haven’t heard much from anyone. They report on the civics and crime, and that’s about it.

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