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Web Entrepreneur Calls Frankford Home

I’m always suprised but never amazed when I find interesting people living in Frankford.  So to hop on the internets this morning and finding a Technically Philly article of Kevin Kiene, a Frankford resident that is climbing the e commerce world was pretty cool but didn’t catch me off guard.  The article details the founder of ezLandlord Forms and his bid to provide a better way for landlords to keep track of their tenant interactions.  Super cool.

But on top of that, we can hop over to NEast Philly and catch up with his interview with a more northeast oriented perspective.  He talks about growing up in Fox Chase and then ending up at a home around the Smedley School.  But then it turns absolutely brilliant and talks about how he’s building real wealth by living below his means.  Splendid!  I always thought it was really interesting that Frankford has such die hard fiscal conservatives living here, but this is the first case I’ve found of a thoughtful effort to choose Frankford coming from the outside based on the idea of living below ones means.