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Frankford Tech Week Grads

State Representative Tony Payton, the Frankford CDC and the Peoples Emergency Center teamed up to offer a three day course in email and internet basics this week as Frankford’s contribution to Philly Tech week.  Thursday afternoon, we were on hand for a graduation attended by Rep. Payton and Chris Wink, co-founder of Technically Philly and Philly Tech week.

Chandi Queen was the instructor and all of the students were hard at work when we got there for a few pictures as they wrapped up class.  Congratulations to the participants, Frank Cutler, Ethel Dawson, Rasheem Jennings, Karen Lee and William Brown.  Click on the thumbnail below to see the full picture.

This was an empowering example of what has been made possible by the presence of the new computer lab over at the CDC.  Look forward to more new and interesting events coming out of that building.

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Connect Philly

In the Inky today Jeff Gelles gives a preview of the event to be held at City Hall for the roll out of a new service.  For the person who does not have internet access at home, you can now use your cell phone to find the nearest WIFI location.

Send an address or intersection by text message to 215-240-7296, and you’ll get a response directing you to a site that offers access. Add a word such as disabled or WiFi after the address, and you’ll be steered to particular kinds of facilities, which can also be found with an interactive map at the Connect Philly website.

The code behind this service was written by our own webmaster, Jim Smiley.  He will be at City Hall later today along with the mayor and the folks from Technically Philly for the big event.
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Back to the Future in Frankford

Take a look on Technically Philly at this piece about Steven Wray and the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia.  I took notice because of its mention of Frankford but it is well worth a read for the pleasure of projecting yourself into the future.

You may think that change will never again favor Philadelphia and Frankford but I believe the winds of change have already begun to blow.

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They Call What We Do Hyperlocal Blogging

And we’re at the forefront of revolution, apparently.  So says our friend Christopher Wink with his piece in Technically Philly this morning detailing the bold and the brave of Philadelphia’s media revolution.

It all started over two years ago when I started looking to buy a house.  And when I settled on one in Northwood my father(“Gil”) started emailing me all this news and stuff about about Frankford.  I was in the middle of moving and work was work so I never really looked at any of it.  So I told him what blogging was and he setup the first site over on blogspot and away he went.

All the credit is his, I only hopped on when I saw that he was actually getting visitors.  And it’s been fun and hopefully we’ve shed some light on a usually forgotten neighborhood.

As for the article, at least for the neighborhood reporting aspect, I don’t think profit oriented news is even possible.  My father loves Frankford and I get a kick out of blogging.  I just don’t see how another outfit would get into the nooks and crannies of the neighborhood like we could.  Passion beats profit in my opinion.  The only benefit in a profit centric view of hyper-local news reporting would exemplified in the issues faced with the only other neighborhood oriented blog in Philadelphia.  Andrew Schwalm over at Malcome X Park is moving to Manhattan with his GF leaving his blog in jeopardy.  A profit oriented model might find a way to continue.  Same thing could happen with us, you never know.[Technically Philly]

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Web Entrepreneur Calls Frankford Home

I’m always suprised but never amazed when I find interesting people living in Frankford.  So to hop on the internets this morning and finding a Technically Philly article of Kevin Kiene, a Frankford resident that is climbing the e commerce world was pretty cool but didn’t catch me off guard.  The article details the founder of ezLandlord Forms and his bid to provide a better way for landlords to keep track of their tenant interactions.  Super cool.

But on top of that, we can hop over to NEast Philly and catch up with his interview with a more northeast oriented perspective.  He talks about growing up in Fox Chase and then ending up at a home around the Smedley School.  But then it turns absolutely brilliant and talks about how he’s building real wealth by living below his means.  Splendid!  I always thought it was really interesting that Frankford has such die hard fiscal conservatives living here, but this is the first case I’ve found of a thoughtful effort to choose Frankford coming from the outside based on the idea of living below ones means.