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They Call What We Do Hyperlocal Blogging

And we’re at the forefront of revolution, apparently.  So says our friend Christopher Wink with his piece in Technically Philly this morning detailing the bold and the brave of Philadelphia’s media revolution.

It all started over two years ago when I started looking to buy a house.  And when I settled on one in Northwood my father(“Gil”) started emailing me all this news and stuff about about Frankford.  I was in the middle of moving and work was work so I never really looked at any of it.  So I told him what blogging was and he setup the first site over on blogspot and away he went.

All the credit is his, I only hopped on when I saw that he was actually getting visitors.  And it’s been fun and hopefully we’ve shed some light on a usually forgotten neighborhood.

As for the article, at least for the neighborhood reporting aspect, I don’t think profit oriented news is even possible.  My father loves Frankford and I get a kick out of blogging.  I just don’t see how another outfit would get into the nooks and crannies of the neighborhood like we could.  Passion beats profit in my opinion.  The only benefit in a profit centric view of hyper-local news reporting would exemplified in the issues faced with the only other neighborhood oriented blog in Philadelphia.  Andrew Schwalm over at Malcome X Park is moving to Manhattan with his GF leaving his blog in jeopardy.  A profit oriented model might find a way to continue.  Same thing could happen with us, you never know.[Technically Philly]