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Frankford Tech Week Grads

State Representative Tony Payton, the Frankford CDC and the Peoples Emergency Center teamed up to offer a three day course in email and internet basics this week as Frankford’s contribution to Philly Tech week.  Thursday afternoon, we were on hand for a graduation attended by Rep. Payton and Chris Wink, co-founder of Technically Philly and Philly Tech week.

Chandi Queen was the instructor and all of the students were hard at work when we got there for a few pictures as they wrapped up class.  Congratulations to the participants, Frank Cutler, Ethel Dawson, Rasheem Jennings, Karen Lee and William Brown.  Click on the thumbnail below to see the full picture.

This was an empowering example of what has been made possible by the presence of the new computer lab over at the CDC.  Look forward to more new and interesting events coming out of that building.

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Meet photography studio Philadelphia Productions

Chris Wink being immortalized at the studio in East Frankford

I haven’t been quite able to catch up to anyone at Philadelphia Productions, a photography studio that’s popped up under my very nose over in East Frankford, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing some internet sleuthing to learn a few things of about this dynamic bunch.  According to their blog, partners Colin Lenton, Steve Boyle and Nell Hoving got tired of working out of home offices and decided to pick up their own studio space, and apparently, they landed in Frankford.

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Frances Clay

Frances Clay

When I got the news last week about Frances Clay passing, I was out at the King of Prussia mall.  I was testing out the email on the new I Pad.  At first I thought that I Pad wasn’t all its cracked up to be if it was messing up the email.  Maybe I was misreading an email about Thelma Young from last month.  I only knew Frances from the Civic meetings and seeing her coming and going down on the Avenue but the immediate feeling was one of great loss.  They gave her a nice write up in the Northeast Times which you can read here.

Frankford needs people like her.  Folks from the neighborhood willing to give their time and talents in a cause that many feel is lost.  If it was lost, nobody told Frances.  She was too busy getting things done to think about that.

Photo courtesy or our friend Chris Wink at

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Northwood Civic Association Meeting

The Northwood Civic Association meeting last Tuesday, October 12th saw nominations for association officers.

A significant topic of discussion was the recent shootings at the old Art Holiday at 4204-12 Kensington Avenue.  Chris Wink has done his usual excellent job of reporting the facts here on  Very little I can add to his account.  Councilwoman Sanchez takes the big picture approach to this issue, looking at the environment surrounding the use of this building and the inability of the city to monitor what absentee landlords are up to.

Councilwoman Sanchez also discussed at length her legislative agenda for this year.  I have a video of the highlights of her talk which runs to about 9 minutes.

Tony Bannister returned to the Civic and made it official that the deal to take over the Frankford Y could not be finalized.  He pointed the finger at the Y for not being able to provide necessary documentation.

Clear Cable is returning to the ZBA to appeal their case while not offering the Northwood Civic any reason to support them.  The hearing is scheduled for November 10th at 2 P.M.  Community members are encouraged to make a show of opposition at the hearing.

Also speaking was U.S.  Attorney Michael Bloom on the issue of mortgage foreclosures and what homeowners should do to protect themselves.

The owner of the auto repair shop at Adams and Castor Auto Repair appeared about a complaint.  Barry Howell said he would visit the shop to discuss the issue.