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Northwood Civic Association Meeting

The Northwood Civic Association meeting last Tuesday, October 12th saw nominations for association officers.

A significant topic of discussion was the recent shootings at the old Art Holiday at 4204-12 Kensington Avenue.  Chris Wink has done his usual excellent job of reporting the facts here on  Very little I can add to his account.  Councilwoman Sanchez takes the big picture approach to this issue, looking at the environment surrounding the use of this building and the inability of the city to monitor what absentee landlords are up to.

Councilwoman Sanchez also discussed at length her legislative agenda for this year.  I have a video of the highlights of her talk which runs to about 9 minutes.

Tony Bannister returned to the Civic and made it official that the deal to take over the Frankford Y could not be finalized.  He pointed the finger at the Y for not being able to provide necessary documentation.

Clear Cable is returning to the ZBA to appeal their case while not offering the Northwood Civic any reason to support them.  The hearing is scheduled for November 10th at 2 P.M.  Community members are encouraged to make a show of opposition at the hearing.

Also speaking was U.S.  Attorney Michael Bloom on the issue of mortgage foreclosures and what homeowners should do to protect themselves.

The owner of the auto repair shop at Adams and Castor Auto Repair appeared about a complaint.  Barry Howell said he would visit the shop to discuss the issue.

2 thoughts on “Northwood Civic Association Meeting

  1. Councilman Greenlee tried to address the “party promotion” problem, but his bill was a mess and the effort is now stalled in Council.

    Unfortunately the Art Holiday seems to be heading towards a “bad use” vs. “no use” of property situation, such situations which are all too common in Frankford.

  2. Regarding the Frankford Y: Sounds to me like Mr. Bannister threw Terry Tobin under the bus. I’m sure the Y had sloppy bookkeeping records, however instead of Mr. Bannister admitting that his plans for the Y were grandiose to say the least and totally dependent on Government funding, he chose to put the entire blame on inadequate recording keeping.

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