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Meet photography studio Philadelphia Productions

Chris Wink being immortalized at the studio in East Frankford

I haven’t been quite able to catch up to anyone at Philadelphia Productions, a photography studio that’s popped up under my very nose over in East Frankford, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing some internet sleuthing to learn a few things of about this dynamic bunch.  According to their blog, partners Colin Lenton, Steve Boyle and Nell Hoving got tired of working out of home offices and decided to pick up their own studio space, and apparently, they landed in Frankford.

I’m gathering from the photos on their website that they moved into the Old Mill, part of the Matt Papajohn complex on Tackawana Street which they say was on October 1st of last year and the likes of Philadelphia Magazine, they’re no slouches.

In fact, Chris Wink, who’s departure as a Frankford resident still wounds me to this day, brought the entire Technically Philly team to Frankford recently to have their professional photos done by Philadelphia Studio partner Colin Lenton.

One of these days, I’m going to corner this crew and find out what on earth could have brought them to Frankford.  Until then, keep taking those great shots guys!

(Photo Courtesy Philadelphia Photographer Colin M. Lenton)