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Frankford Tech Week Grads

State Representative Tony Payton, the Frankford CDC and the Peoples Emergency Center teamed up to offer a three day course in email and internet basics this week as Frankford’s contribution to Philly Tech week.  Thursday afternoon, we were on hand for a graduation attended by Rep. Payton and Chris Wink, co-founder of Technically Philly and Philly Tech week.

Chandi Queen was the instructor and all of the students were hard at work when we got there for a few pictures as they wrapped up class.  Congratulations to the participants, Frank Cutler, Ethel Dawson, Rasheem Jennings, Karen Lee and William Brown.  Click on the thumbnail below to see the full picture.

This was an empowering example of what has been made possible by the presence of the new computer lab over at the CDC.  Look forward to more new and interesting events coming out of that building.