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Cops Showing Up In Force May Be Why Our Crime Rate Is Dropping

Got an email from a reader who got photos of two separate incidents in an afternoon’s time span.

At 11:30 AM

This pic shows more than a half dozen cops brought by as many as eight cop cars at 11:30 a.m. They pulled up and began an argument with some men who were seated outside about getting a ticket for “it” being parked outside. The cops seemed to want the search whichever vehicle it was, but the men asked for a warrant which the cops didn’t produce. They hung around a while, while one cop asked one of the men if he had any “rock” on him, because the cop didn’t “want to arrest” the man again.


At 4:30 PM

The next two attached photos I took of another roundup at 4640 Penn Street at 4:30 today. One woman screamed at the group of six or more cops who eventually returned to their panel van — save for two who walked the premises before leaving — and drove off in less than 10 minutes.

I thought it so strange that two big rollouts of cops would come to different homes on the same block and, well, do absolutely nothing except get screamed at climb back into their vehicles and leave. Perhaps setting the stage? Feeling these people out? …Or just mistakes?

IMG_0491 1250

IMG_0492 1250

This is good stuff.  If you have any pics of anything, send em in and I’ll post em:  Where are my citizen reporters of Frankford?  I don’t want to be the only one.

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  1. This is the filthiest most disgusting block of Penn Street. All the neighbors on this block are scum, low lifes and drug dealers except for a few lovely people who have to live in fear of these animals. These people run up and down the street screaming obcentites and blasting their ghetto music at top volume. There is constant gunfire and all manner of disruptive, dispicable behavior on this block. With the exceptioon of the few good people living there the properties are covered with trash, beer cans, used pampers, condoms and siringes. Two properties on that block have crack dealing all day and night. Its blocks like 4600 Penn St that keep Frankford in the news in a bad light. I wish the DA’s would close all those rental units up and take the buildings in the drug forfiture program. Its a disgrace and they are raising their rotten kids to be just like them.

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