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Then And Now; Where Is The Other Half Of This Building?

I’m really surprised that someone found it economical to chop a brick structure in half.  But apparently someone did just that in 1950 when the city was widening Wingohocking Street at Adams AveWorkshop of the World has a writeup of Tremont Mills.

half building missingIMG_3378

The top half appears to be a church now.


I remember buying my Christmas trees from the first floor.  Cino’s Flowers I think it was.

4 thoughts on “Then And Now; Where Is The Other Half Of This Building?

  1. that building was a gun powdermill during the revoutionary war…the new homes at castor and wingohocking
    are named after the powdermill…they are called the twins at the powdermill.

  2. Yeah Cino’s, i used to sell flowers on the corner for old man Pop.

  3. Wow. That is pretty amazing they only removed part of the building. The newer brick wall is really badly integrated with the old building. Actually it’s pretty amazing they would go through all that trouble and not make it look it at all nice. At least they put in windows. Any idea what it was used for in 1950?

  4. Wingohocking St. used to call Powdermill Lane. Stephen Decatur, hero of the Barbary war against pirates, had an estate here. A 1920’s source says it was across from the new (!) municipal golf course at Juniata. Decatur was killed in 1820 in a duel of honor in Washington, DC.

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