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The Devon

devon1What is the next best thing to having our own theater in Frankford?  Having one that is almost within walking distance.  The Devon fits that bill nicely and along with the live performances, they are offering a collection of classic movies showing on Thursday and Fridays in August.

I am old enough to remember the Devon in the golden age.  There were three theaters in the space of a few block in Mayfair.  The Mayfair at Cottman Avenue.  The Merben (I still remember seeing the Greatest Show on Earth at the Merben) a block south and the Devon.  Those were the days.

The Devon has been rebuilt almost from the ground up into a state of the art venue and it’s worth a visit.   Take a look at what’s available.

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  1. we went to see “the odd couple” play performed there this summer. it was really good.

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