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Reader Submission Results In Old Photo Of Awesome Castle On Griscom Street

A reader emailed me an old photo of the the mansion for sale at the corner of Griscom and Dyre.


I’m liking it more without the shrubbery out front but I guess these days privacy is a concern.  Doing some photoshopping, I (think) I was able to make the wording on the bottom easier to read:


“RES. OF MR GEORGE T SALE FRANKLIN AND DYRE STS. FRANKFORD PA”.  Correct me if I’m wrong.   So I’m guessing Griscom Street used to be called Franklin.  Good times.

6 thoughts on “Reader Submission Results In Old Photo Of Awesome Castle On Griscom Street

  1. Now that is really a wrap around porch. My dentist had his office there in the 1970s.

  2. Franklin was probably renamed to Griscom sometime after the city/county consolidation. With the consoliation, the city had noncontinuous streets with the same name.

  3. At the time of the consolidation there were about 15 different Franklin Streets throughout the newly expanded city. Our Franklin may have been the last to have the name changed in 1913.

  4. In reference to the house at Griscom and Dyre Sts, George Sale was a Northeast Philly real estate developer. It was his house. He also built the apartment building at Griscom and Oxford ave to be a doctor’s hospital (clinic) with all of the modern amenities. He built a car barn (I forget where) to house the B buses , the first buses to transport people to up to Byberry farms for there were no means to get there. In those days, transportation dropped people off 2 miles from Byberry Farms. This info was taken from the scrapbooks at the Historical Society of Frankford, supplied to us by Debbie Klak.

  5. George T. Sale was my Grandfathers brother. My grandfather was Charles T. Sale. I never knew either one of these men.

  6. We just heard that it was sold recently for $108,000

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