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Neast Philly Highlights Why Frankford Sucks

From Neast Philly’s account of last nights Frankford Civic Meeting:

The 25-minute affair was due to a lack of zoning issues or other news, said Civic association Vice President Brian Wisniewski.

But that didn’t keep the six residents or seven board members in attendance from again using the second floor conference room of Frankford Hospital as a forum to vent concerns over their neighborhood, a common end-result of recent civic meetings there.

What’s that, like 13 members of the community show up?  Out of 38 thousand?  Didn’t anyone even read Margie’s plea?  Frankford doesn’t deserve anything.  It ain’t ever gonna deserve anything until more than 13 members of the community show up for a civic meeting.

4 thoughts on “Neast Philly Highlights Why Frankford Sucks

  1. Thanks for the link. After reading what Margie had to say, I was expecting far more people at the meeting, too. If that’s not enough to bring people out, is there something else that could draw more people?

  2. The next zoning hearing on Margie’s case is December 9th. The owners may not show up at that one, like they failed to show for the first one. They can get away with this on 2 hearings but they have to show at the third and make their case or it is thrown out. Good strategy if they just want to wear out the opposition. The community needs to be mobilized for those hearings to make sure that the ZBA knows that we will not stand for it anymore.

  3. Do anyone know how many percent is owner occupy in Frankford? I would assume there are a lot of rental properties in here, esspecially on Frankford ave. I appreciated if anyone have the information.

  4. I sympathize with Margie. When raising my 6 children, Frankford was a good neighborhood. How can we unite her neighbors to join her cause? Can we challenge them with a flier campaign of “ARE YOU CARING OR COMPLACENT… HOW LONG BEFORE YOU ARE IN THE SAME SITUATION”?

    The Civic Association can only do so much.

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