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Frankford Civic Association

The Frankford Civic Association meets on the First Thursday of each month at 7 PM at St. Mark’s Church, 4442 Frankford Avenue.  At the meeting on October 3rd:
  • Trunk or Treats are going to be held on  October 31st from 4 to 7 by Representative Dawkins at Frankford Pause Park, 4673 Paul Street.
  • There was a discussion of the  new voting machines to be used in the upcoming election.  
  • Looking for new, active members of the Civic so that everything isn’t all up to the president who’s wearing many, many hats right now.
  • It was determined during meeting that Frankford Town Watch is going to have their meeting with the Civic Association so that there will be more of a presence.
  • There will be an outreach to the community to get more interest in Town Watch and the Civic Association

Jenny Lynn McAfee is the new Secretary and will be reporting for the Gazette on the Civic Association’s news and initiatives.


The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association and Frankford Town Watch will be held on November 7th at 7 PM at St. Mark’s Church, 4442 Frankford Avenue.


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Frankford Civic Meeting for May

Reported by Patrick Hodynski

Pete Specos, Christina Crosby, Gaspar Santos, John Hansens, Ann(From Joy of Living) and I attended.


  • There will not be a “Mayfair Day”, Cookout, or Bike Ride in the 15th district this year.
  • There is a Stop the Violence Basketball Tournament @ Gambrel Recreation Center on June 8th.
  • The PPD 2nd District headquarters will be moving up to Castor & Cottman our of the location on Levick Street shared with the 15th District.
  • The 15th District will undergo a remodel of their Levick Street headquarters in 2020.
  • National Night Out will be August 6th and located at the Bustleton & Cottman Shopping Center.
  • There still remains an issue with trash dumping in the 4600 Paul St. City SWEEPS has been notified.
  • There are more reports of a nuisance bar located at Torresdale & Paul Streets. Will address this at upcoming PSA1 meeting on the 23rd at Frankford-Jefferson Hospital.
  • Recovery Cafe will again be Friday May 10th at St. Mark’s @6:30

Next Civic Association meeting will be June 6th at St. Mark’s.

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Frankford Civic Association Meetings Update

October 2018 Meeting

The Frankford Civic Association meets monthly on the first Thursday of each month. Meetings are held from 7 -8 PM at St. Mark’s Church, Frankford, 4442 Frankford Avenue, with convenient parking in the lot which can be accessed via Frankford Avenue or Griscom Street. We’re on the main strip!!

This month, we held a meet and greet with Ellie Vamos, the Commercial Corridor Manager for the Frankford Community Development Corporation. Welcome, Ellie, and we’re glad you’re here! Ellie joined the staff there in September. She comes to us with a varied range of experiences and skills that she developed as a community engagement specialist. Ellie has done much to build partnerships using effective communication strategies to further foster a sense of community. Ellie shared with us her vision and what she is currently working on in her new position.

Ellie is a great listener and endeared herself to the group at large immediately. Ellie would like to build and develop our local business organization by recruiting new members and helping them to see the importance of their investment in Frankford and how it can improve their own business success. Partnering with the greater community, the Frankford Civic Association agreed to co-sponsor the Monster Bash on Halloween which was held at the Pause (Pink) Park. Due to a recent fire on Paul St., the planned movie had to be canceled unfortunately.

Ellie is scheduled to return for this month’s meeting, too, to continue our discussions of how we can support the CDC’s effort to revitalize our commercial corridor.

We also discuss upcoming issues for the Neighborhood Advisory Committee such as zoning, expansion of existing properties and other issues directly affecting the community. Christine DeJesus serves as Co-ordinator of the NAC.

So join us at our next meeting on Thursday, December 6! There’s always something new to learn about Frankford!



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Raucus Bar an Issue at Frankford Civic

Out of control activity at the bar at 4101 Paul Street was an issue at the Frankford Civic meeting on December 1st.

Neighbors have called the police on several occasions in the last month due to activity at the bar at 4101 Paul Street at closing time.  The bar owned by 4101 New Addition Inc.

Residents also say that rooms are for rent in the building which has no rental license.  A complaint has been made to 311 to start an investigation.  If you have a problem with a bar you can make a formal complaint to the State Police at 800-932-0602.

Cars owned by the used car lots that line Torresdale Avenue continue to take up the sidewalks.  It is illegal but the police and the Philadelphia Parking Authority do nothing to enforce the law.  The kids coming and going to the Charter School on Tacony Street have to work hard to find a clear piece of sidewalk on the West side of Torresdale Avenue to walk in safety.

A used car lot at Oxford and Leiper, parks their cars on the street on 4800 Oxford avenue taking up scarce residential parking. There have been as many as 8 cars parked without tags on the street.  This issue is under investigation.

The group is looking at ways get the various key Frankford groups to collaborate and coordinate for events next year.  They are also looking at alternate locations for meetings to attract more active participation.

The crime report for PSA1 for November continues to show improvement in the area of major crime.


The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be held on January 4th 2017 at St. Marks church at 4442 Frankford Avenue.