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Raucus Bar an Issue at Frankford Civic

Out of control activity at the bar at 4101 Paul Street was an issue at the Frankford Civic meeting on December 1st.

Neighbors have called the police on several occasions in the last month due to activity at the bar at 4101 Paul Street at closing time.  The bar owned by 4101 New Addition Inc.

Residents also say that rooms are for rent in the building which has no rental license.  A complaint has been made to 311 to start an investigation.  If you have a problem with a bar you can make a formal complaint to the State Police at 800-932-0602.

Cars owned by the used car lots that line Torresdale Avenue continue to take up the sidewalks.  It is illegal but the police and the Philadelphia Parking Authority do nothing to enforce the law.  The kids coming and going to the Charter School on Tacony Street have to work hard to find a clear piece of sidewalk on the West side of Torresdale Avenue to walk in safety.

A used car lot at Oxford and Leiper, parks their cars on the street on 4800 Oxford avenue taking up scarce residential parking. There have been as many as 8 cars parked without tags on the street.  This issue is under investigation.

The group is looking at ways get the various key Frankford groups to collaborate and coordinate for events next year.  They are also looking at alternate locations for meetings to attract more active participation.

The crime report for PSA1 for November continues to show improvement in the area of major crime.


The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be held on January 4th 2017 at St. Marks church at 4442 Frankford Avenue.