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Northwood’s Burk Deed Restrictions


My father snagged a Burk Deed Restriction handout from last night’s Northwood Civic Association meeting.  I’ve never been able to find anything on the internet about it and its such a shame because it’s probably the greatest asset that community has.  I’m kinda fuzzy on the history so if a reader wants to correct me, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll correct it.  As far as I know, all properties built within the deed restricted area are required to be single family houses.  This forbids corner stores, duplexes and commercial properties.  But from what I undertand, doctors are aloud to have their offices in their houses, that’s why you might see doctor signs up.

I had known that the restriction existed in the triangle of Oxford-Harrison-Castor, but I didn’t know there was one on some blocks west of Castor, I wonder how Pat’s Cafe and that auto shop were able to be built.  Neast Philly recently reported that the Northwood Civic is planning legal action against any infringement on the deed restrictions which is sure to keep the neighborhood strong for years to come.

[PDF] burk deed restrictions

3 thoughts on “Northwood’s Burk Deed Restrictions

  1. If the handout of the burk deed restriction interested you and your father, you would really be interested in an original copy of this document. I have one that I got from the recorders office at city hall. I researched this document when we started looking for a home in this neighborhood. Which we did find one with the help of you and your father a couple years ago; if you remember. It’s an old typed document but very legible and very enforceable. I’m currently researching all residential deed restriction cases in the Philadelphia area with great success; and with a promising outlook which will hopefully extend it’s reach beyond the bounds of the deed restricted area.

  2. We’re into everything joe, and I would be interested in seeing the language of the document. What I find interesting is that it is such a good selling point for the area but you can’t find any information on it on the internet. If you have any further information we could post, email me at

  3. I’ll be at the Northwood Civic meeting this Tuesday. It will be an important meeting due to the purchase of a property on Roosevelt Boulevard by a non-profit company that is involved in prisoner reentry among other things. We have already started the process on this property by contacting L&I, city council, etc. L&I apparently did not see the four work trucks in front of this property over the last week, since they found the report of unlicensed work at this house to be unfounded. No licenses or zoning variances have been applied for. I will bring a copy of the original Burk documents to the meeting and I’ll have a copy for you.

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