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Frankford Civic Meeting Tomorrow Night

From Margie on the message board:

I am fighting for my family’s home. Our comfort zone. I am making my voice heard in fighting this problem of “recovery homes” next door to families in Frankford. I’ve heard that there are many and I’ve even read a post about one on Penn St. having the same problems as mine. I do not understand why I am the only one showing up at the Civic Meetings wanting to make changes. I have never ever been a person to stand out in a crowd or speak out in front of a crowd. My own neighbors don’t go to the meetings. I figure it’s because they don’t live next door it and don’t see and hear what my family does. I know there’s got to be people living next door to these “recovery houses”. I can’t be the only one! One hour of one night a month of your time isn’t much to ask for to fight and get laws made so that if you should decide to buy a home and 3 years later a recovery home wants to move in next door to you, sharing your front steps, you’ll be able to stop them. We all can’t keep moving because of people wanting to make money off of addicts who need a place to live and open a house anywhere and call it a recovery home. Please come to the Civic Meetings on the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. Have your voice heard or just listen. The worse that came happen is that you will learn about what’s going on in your community.