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Head Over Heels!

"Mr. Fantastic Squirrel"

"Mr. Fantastic Squirrel"

A few weeks back, my husband noticed that our neighborly squirrel invited himself to the party at the bird feeder. Well, my husband then took action and raised  the height of the bird feeder, thinking that he would outsmart the squirrel. On Saturday morning, as we anticipated our first snowfall, we  noticed through our kitchen window that the squirrel was having his fill. Of course, we wanted to capture the action. My husband was outsquirreled. Squirrel: 1  Husband: Back to the drawing board.  You can see more pictures here. I’ll keep you posted on what my husband decides to do next. (Disclaimer: No animals or humans were harmed during this event.)

2 thoughts on “Head Over Heels!

  1. If he figures out a way to baffle that squirell I would love to know the secret too please! I just put out peanuts and bird seed and hope for the birds to get some of it. If I had a bigger yard I would plant a nut tree for the little beggers.

  2. Another reader commented we shouldn’t do anything else and we really just enjoyed the show! I wasn’t quick enough to get pictures of the squirrel and two birds together. I like your combination of peanuts and bird seed. Thanks for commenting and we will keep you posted.

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