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Merry Christmas

Seems appropriate to report on the Christmas Toy Drive organized by Jeanna Goodwin, Frankford Recovery Coalition & Mike Mawson, Frankford Town Watch.  We posted an invitation to donate toys back on December 6th.  Last night it was time to wrap it up and make deliveries to some families in need, so I went over to New Desires on Leiper Street to get some pictures.

Jeanna said she would over there with, as she affectionately call them “her guys” organizing, wrapping and then delivering the packages so they would be ready for the kids on Christmas morning.  So I got there about seven, walking a few blocks over ice and snow with my camera in its heated, insulated box. 

I got there just as they were getting organized in the front room with those 12 foot high ceilings.  Some additional donations were brought in at the last minute by Brian Ropars who had been out making the rounds trying to make up for what did not turn up in the donation box at Tony Payton’s office. Times are tough all around this year.

Jeanna’s guys started sorting out every item into age groups for the kids.  That took quite a while and then the wrapping began and things got serious.  There was enough to give the kids in at least three families with a very nice Christmas.

I believe this is the fourth year for this noble effort.  I mentioned to one of the guys that they are heros.  He said there are no heroes here.  That’s what you would expect a hero to say isn’t it.

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