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Frankford Special Services District Annual Public Meeting

The annual public meeting is for Frankford Business Owners and Residents to meet with Board of Directors, discuss Frankford’s Sidewalk Cleaning, consider Additional Services, voice Business Corridor Concerns, board Officer Elections and announce Future Meetings

Monday, Feb 1, 2010, 9AM
Office in St. Mark’s Church, 4442 Frankford Ave

If you are interested in joining the board, The FSSD is seeking Frankford residents and business owners to serve in volunteer positions on our Board of Directors.  To Apply:  (215) 535-2637

3 thoughts on “Frankford Special Services District Annual Public Meeting

  1. Interesting they say they want volunteers that are residents or business owners but they list on their board two members who are not residents or business owners. BILL NO. 070947, as amended
    City of Philadelphia – 3 The 2007 ordinance lists the board members as:

    Number of years in Term

    Nancy Cherone 4 years
    4900 Frankford Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19124

    James McCarthy 3 years
    1528 Gillingham Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19124

    Dr. Harry Kaplan 2 years
    8470 Limekiln Pike, Unit B-212
    Wyncote, PA 19095
    City of Philadelphia

    Ralph Lewis 1 year
    4929 Duffield Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19124

    Elizabeth McCollum Nazario 4 years
    1223 Foulkrod Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19124

    Anthony Stephens 3 years
    1664 Fillmore Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19124

    Paul Mundy 2 years
    4292 Frankford Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19124

    James T. Nulty 1 year
    4292 Frankford Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19124

    Terry Tobin 4 years
    4700 Leiper Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19124

    Interesting observations Nancy Cherone, of former Frankford Hospital and Terry Tobin, former NFCY Director not residents or business owners and Bill Sponser, Dan Savage not listed as a Board member. In the bill Dan Savage introduces in 2007 FSSD is a proposed renewal of a (BID)Business Improvment District known as Frankford Special Services District but when the resolution is made it has magically become a (NID)Neighborhood Improvement District! A NID was never established legally in Frankford! FSSD was a BID not a NID so how do they think they can re-establish a BID and it magically turns into a NID? If they are a NID now when did thy hold those public hearings? Where are thge copies of the letters they would have been required to send to the home owners in the NID getting their approval to tax those homeowners in the NID? Where are tghe new maps showing which properties they as a NID are taxing? I would like answers to those questions at their public hearing.

    (Resolution No. 070805)
    Approving a final plan for the reestablishment of the Frankford Special Services District
    (“District”), and authorizing and directing the Committee on Rules to take further actions
    required by the Community and Economic Improvement Act prior to enactment of an
    ordinance that would formally reestablish the District.
    WHEREAS, Pursuant to Resolution No. 070549 (adopted June 7, 2007), Council
    initiated action to reestablish a neighborhood improvement district in the Frankford area,
    to be known as the Frankford Special Services District (“District”), and approved a
    preliminary plan for the District, all as authorized by the Community and Economic
    Improvement Act (“Act”) (53 P.S. §18101 et seq.); and…

  2. Crazy Mommy,
    I read this website daily and you appear to be very knowledgeable about Frankford, both present and past.

    Do you currently hold any volunteer positions in the community? If not, you should consider doing so, your knowledge and overall concern for Frankford would be a tremendous assest to the community.

  3. I have just been here a long time and observed the things that go on. I have no title, or position here other than resident. Thank you for your kind words.

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