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Frankford’s Police Service Area and ReadyNotify PA

Police office Sgt. Rosenbaum came to last night’s Northwood Civic Associaton meeting to speak about a few things including the newish initiative of PSAs.  The 15th district is being broken up into three sectors: from the Frankford Creek to Bridge Street, Bridge to Unruh, and Unruh to Rhawn.  And so while a captain still has responsibilities over the district, lieutenants have been “promoted” to oversee each area.  Also, instead of officers rotating throughout the district, the same 60 officers are going to be around all the time.  Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month on the second floor of Frankford hospital in their conference room.  Pete Specos is the community co-leader.

Sgt Rosenbaum also talked about Philadelphia Ready Notify Pa.  A system from the Department of Homeland Security which was set up to notify community residents of fast breaking news.  It was designed to notify you via your cell phone(text message) or by email in the evens of emergencies, severe weather, road closures and crime alertsInstructions on signing up can be found here.

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