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Frankford Cleans Up

The third annual Philly Spring Cleanup got off and running today with a burst of activity here in Frankford.  It was a beautiful day for sweeping and weeding or in our case videoing those folks in the community who were doing those things.  It was hard to drive a block without stumbling over one group or another who was hard at work.

In case you have not heard, the city has decided to ask people to stop littering.  That is an original and long overdue idea whose time may have just about come.

The Philadelphia Streets Department is proud to announce UnLitter Us, the first sustained public service campaign to rid our City of litter once and for all. The same litter that blights neighborhoods, hurts business, and keeps people down. We won’t put up with it any more. Philadelphia deserves better, and the Streets Department stands firm in its commitment to attack litter on every front.

Yes for some folks it does not come as second nature to be clean as is evidenced by the state of the streets and lots in the city.  So this would be an educational campaign which just might have an effect.

Below, a short tour of the cleanup here and our thanks to all the volunteers from the various groups who made a big difference today.

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  1. Great job everybody!!

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