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Urgent Meeting About Overington Park

The office of Councilwoman Sánchez and Local Stakeholders group will host a meeting July 27, 2010 at 6:00PM, Frankford Friends School located on 1500 Orthodox St. The Meeting will be held in the middle school on Gillingham St. Please forward to other concerned groups to come out and form a plan to rid the violence from Overington Park.

3 thoughts on “Urgent Meeting About Overington Park

  1. Is this meeting for the nit-wit with the pitbulls? Other then that the park looks nice except for the bum that sleeps on the sliding board on Sat.-Sun. What else could it be?

  2. Maybe Maria is upset that too many white people use the park. She says she doesn’t like to see to many white faces in a group.

  3. When and where did she say that?

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