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Community Pet Day at Overington Park

It is Saturday, September 18th from 10AM to 1PM at Overington Park, Orthodox and Leiper Sts.

3 thoughts on “Community Pet Day at Overington Park

  1. So glad to see that happening… Why did you not invite the local dog clubs to present a program?
    Down here in S.C. our Spbg. kennel Club puts on a program at our local “Bark in the Park” as well as Flyball demonstrations, K-9 education on different breeds, as well as different obediance activities you can learn with your best friend. Venders are also invited…
    It’s something that started small and slowly grows each year, it’s fun for kids, informative for parents. I formerly lived over at Arrott and Oakland St, and have been away for 20 years, but you still like to visit the old neighborhood. I grew up playing in that park….

  2. This is the first time for this event. I’m sure it will grow with time but that is a great suggestion.

  3. The event was a huge success as far as I could see everyone was having fun and plenty of dogs including mine got vaccinated. Thank you Diane for all your hard work it was a terrific day with beautiful weather and people making new friends.

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