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September Northwood Civic Meeting

There were several items of interest at the meeting on Tuesday night, September 21st.  We’ll just run down the list:

  • The most vocal attention came for the zoning issue involving the property at 4640 Large Street (picture below) for  an application to erect a 120 foot tall antenna structure.  The request was denied by the ZBA  and is now being appealed.  They came to the civic for approval.  The variance is required because normally this structure is required to be no closer than 250 feet to other structures.  They want to make it 75 feet.  Objections to that variance are that it would be too close to several residences and also the Northwood Academy charter school.
  • An application to operate a 12 child day care home at 5103 Roosevelt Boulevard is being opposed by the Civic since it would be a business enterprise.  The policy is that they will oppose opening new businesses in Northwood which is a residential neighborhood.
  • The negotiations between Northwood Civic Association and the Cancer Treatment Centers to renew the community benefit agreement have been fruitless.  The Civic has notified the Cancer Treatment Center that the agreement is terminated.  It is recognized that the CTC did good work with Greenwood Cemetery but that they were well motivated since they needed land for expansion.  Now that it has been accomplished, the civic is very disappointed in their lack of interest in working together to help the surrounding neighborhood.
  • There has been no further news from the group attempting to reopen the Frankford Y.
  • Previous work done on a class action lawsuit against absentee landlords renting Northwood properties in violation of the deed restriction needs to be resumed.  This prompted a discussion on the issue of foreclosures in Northwood which people in the know say is substantial.  The likely result of the foreclosure crisis will be more vacant properties owned by the banks and more people try to rent their properties to avoid foreclosure.  Jorge Santana, Tony Payton’s chief of staff suggested that the civic might consider looking at helping people avoid foreclosure.  The board is taking that suggestion under advisement.
  • The squatters occupying the property opposite Pat’s Cafe seem to have abruptly departed.
  • Nominations for Civic officers will be open at next months meeting.  You must have been a member as of the end of August to be eligible for election.  Voting will take place at November’s meeting for those nominated.  Only dues paying members may vote.

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association will be held on October 19th.

3 thoughts on “September Northwood Civic Meeting

  1. Awe man I’d love to get some better cell service in Northwood/Frankford. My cell reception sucks in my house. It’s AT&T so maybe that’s why but still.

  2. […] reported last week on the Northwood Civic meeting and noted that the squatters who had been occupying 4712 Castor Avenue had departed.  […]

  3. […] Clear Cable is returning to the ZBA to appeal their case while not offering the Northwood Civic any reason to support them.  The hearing is scheduled for November 10th at 2 P.M.  Community members are encouraged to make a show of opposition at the hearing. […]

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