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Modern Cellar, Custom Wine Cellar and Furnishings Designer, Has Moved Into The Globe Dye Works

I have a wine fridge.  I really do.  It’s a tiny little thing that only holds about 12 bottles that my wife and I picked up from Best Buy a while ago.  Eventually we made the heart renching decision to unplug it because it became our mission to fill it up.  Filling it up was fun, the emptying it out was even more fun and began interfering with our running.  We’ve also gone to a few classes at the Wine School of Philadelphia, which is such a cool experience, I’d recommend it for anyone.  We’re wine novices, but you know, we aspire….

So it is with more than passing curiosity that I’ve noted “a family owned company specializing in custom wine cellar consultation, design and craftsmanship”, Modern Cellar, has taken up residence in The Globe Dye Works complex.  Check out their press page for an extensive and impressive list of media where their wares have been showcased.  I don’t know to what extent their presence is, whether they’re manufacturing or distributing, or just run offices there, but I’m definitely curious.  If Frankford is playing any part in wine culture, I must have an item, it’s a shame I probably can’t afford a custom cellar.  I can, however, already envision where their INSTA wine rack will go in my kitchen.  Aside from their complete custom work. their prefab stuff is being sold by local shops Matthew Izzo in Old City, and Hipster Home in Phoenixville, and of course are available online.  Very cool.