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Thanks from the Friends of Overington Park

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the great work that was done this past Saturday! 36 hard working, caring neighbors and friends worked cleaning up our park and getting it ready for winter. THANKS to everyone! You raked the perimeter of the Park, cleaned up the sidewalks, filled 50 bags with leaves for composting in Fairmount Park, and 12 contractor bags of trash/weeds. Together you weeded and mulched 9 garden beds – dug up two beds of Canna bulbs for winter storage, planted 6 chrysanthemums, 12 Easter lilies, and mulched 20 trees! The park will look beautiful this spring thanks to all the great work our volunteers did this past Saturday. I also need to thank the generous contributions from Tony Payton’s office for flyers, Dan Savage for pretzels, Lorraine Fortino for water, ROTC Joe for doughnuts and the rest of our group for their time and commitment to Overington Park! Without your help the park would not be the wonderful place we have come to enjoy. Thanks for your hard work, and time you have all given to make Frankford a better place! It was a beautiful day, made better by your caring! Diane Kunze, Friend of Overington Park

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  1. 36 people that’s awesome. There are some neglected aspects of Frankford, but it’s awesome to see some consistent community contributions going into Overington Park.

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