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Catching Rainwater at Womrath Park

Big meeting coming up to find out about this plan which is the first of its kind in the city.  The idea is that the city wants to divert rainwater which now flows into the sewer system back to the earth where it belongs.  Nature has been thwarted in the city because of the paving over of the ground.  This idea would redirect the flow back into the ground and save the water treatment system from handling what is really clean water already.

Come to the meeting and get the details.

3 thoughts on “Catching Rainwater at Womrath Park

  1. Nice racket they don’t have to treat it any more but we still pay the run off charge. I hate PWD.

  2. The money from the stormwater bill is used to pay for the planning and engineering that goes into creating such a project. This capitol investment then needs to be maintained by PWD, which costs money.

  3. […] management.  We posted information about the upcoming meeting last week.  You can read that post here. Toby […]

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