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Frankford Civic Association Meeting

Christopher Wink -

The Frankford Civic Association meeting last night had over 30 in attendance including some new faces which are always welcome.  The big issue was the Bridge.  As usual, Chris Wink did his outstanding job reporting for  Wink prefers to work in the background but he faithfully attends these community meetings and makes the job here much easier.  You can read his report here.

The next Frankford Civic meeting on April 7th will feature a presentation by the Bridge.   They are looking for community support in the quest to move into Frankford.  The Frankford Civic board is looking for community input before they make their decision on support.  Even if you cannot vote directly, you can make your opinion heard.

My opinion is that I support the Bridge.  It looks like a great program and I cannot understand why it has to move into this particular location.  So I support the Bridge finding another location.  There is no overwhelming reason why the Bridge should be in Frankford.  We have gone on record in the past that we have enough of this type of service here and that is simple enough.

Find another creative use for that land that does something positive for the community.  Follow the Frankford Creek Redevelopment Area Plan.  If you have forgotten about it.  Read it here.  But that is only my opinion.  Come to the meeting next month and express yours.

5 thoughts on “Frankford Civic Association Meeting

  1. I agree – we don’t need this facility in Frankford. I have nothing against the Bridge. It may be a great facility offering a wonderful service for troubled young boys and their families, (although I wonder why the residents of Fox Chase have not tried to keep them in their community) but Frankford needs to look for businesses to move into the area not more non-profits. I wish our local politicians would put as much effort into encouraging revenue producing businesses to move into Frankford as they seem to do for non-profits.

  2. Don’t you mean:

    My opinion is that I don’t support the Bridge.


  3. I support the Bridge. Looks like a great facility doing good work but I don’t support its desire to move into Frankford. It should find another location.

  4. I want to make clear that I’m not against all non-profit organizations. There are non-profits that deal with issues of the enviornment. There are non-profit organizations for the arts, animal welfare, community farm and garden growers, etc. There are non-profits that can bring a positive contribution to Frankford.

    Frankford already has enough “troubled young boys”, we don’t need a facility that is going to bring more troubled youth into our area. If we want positive changes to happen in Frankford then we need to bring businesses and/or non-profits that will help create a positive change.

  5. I heard on the news today that one of the “bullies” who beat up on the young boy and hung him up on a fence post with his coat, was court ordered to attend a drug outpatient facility. I wonder if the facility is The Bridge?

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