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EPIC Stakeholders Political Forum City Council Candidates

Primary elections will be held on May 17th.  Well for once I was at the right place at the right time last night.  The stakeholders sponsored an opportunity for the candidates to come in and make their pitch.  It was a pleasure to meet Warren Bloom, Marie Delaney, Isaiah Thomas, Danny Savage and Maria Quinones Sanchez in person.  I have video on all five.  I had to edit it down a bit but I did my best to present the most important moments.  If hate sound bites, so they clips tend to be long.  This first post is for the City Council Candidates.

Isaiah Thomas is running for Philadelphia City Council At-Large:

Maria Quinones Sanchez is running in the Democratic primary for re-election to the Philadelphia City Council in the 7th District:

Danny Savage is running in the Democratic primary for election to the Philadelphia City Council in the 7th District:

20 thoughts on “EPIC Stakeholders Political Forum City Council Candidates

  1. I am curious why Danny Savage Q & A was removed, but every other candidate’s was posted? Can the Frankford gazette add the Q & A for the Mr. Savage…. This seems unfair.

  2. I was hoping to get a concise statement from each candidate. Danny came in and did 8 minutes before anybody asked any questions. Maria only spoke for about 3 minutes and I had to use her Q&A period to fill out the time to make them come out about the same. I think you get some idea of where they are from the video.

  3. Is it possible to add the question segment, I don’t care much for the pitch from candidates. I would like to hear the questions from the community. It would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Council incumbents and candidates need to stop the abuse of DROP by elected officials. Any District or At-large incumbents supporting DROP candidates need to get REMOVED from office. They are suppose to be our voice and we’ve been for months saying NO to the re-election of Tasco, Rizzo and Tartaglione and the abuse of DROP. Council closed the loophole in the campaign finance in less than a week. Sanchez voted on that. So why is it she and council won’t fix the DROP loophole? Any intelligent person knows it’s wrong and dishonest. Vote for candidates who will speak out on the community’s behalf not their own agenda. Is Maria Quinones-Sanchez hard of hearing?

    MAKE A STAND. We need to clean up our city council this election. See link below:

  5. what you want is reform. For that to happen most of council will need to get replaced this election. didn’t last election Maria proclaim from the high heavens that she was the reformer? she was slick using that last time to get elected. well it turns out she belongs with the rest of those dishonest greedy crooked council members in Hades.

  6. My question to Danny Savage was ” Where were you when my son was murdered at the T&T Lounge in Feb? He dodged the question by stateing that I was in a group of people who supported Mrs. Sanchez. Let me set the record straight. I was invited by Isaiah Thomas who is running for City Council. He attacked Mrs. Sanchez who was not present to defend herself. He was also asked a question why he was never present when there were cleanups done in Frankford? He became very loud and biligerent and moved from the center of the room to directly in front of the gentleman that asked that question. Also when Mr. Dawkins asked him a question, he pointed his fingers at him and turn 10 times red in the face. I ask you is this someone who you would want to represnt your ward? First of all as an official candidate you have to remain professional at all times as well as maintain your composure even if you are a little crazy like Danny savage behaved. I have never seen this man nor met him, first impressions are lasting impressions, remeber that. I can say that when my son was murdered Mrs. Sanchez contacted me and expressed her empathy and showed up the next day to support me in what I had planned to do that day, she has been in contact with me since Feb. and still contacts me to see how I am doing. Danny savage did not display any integrity and at no time did he even show compassion for my loss, that should have ben the first thing that should have came out of his mouth. The loss of child is the worst feeling that you may ever want to or have to endure. Like I said to him, “Shame on you” Like I said to you, Like i said o you Some from Tartaglioni office cme to see me (Tony Stephens and also Tony Peyton (State Rep) so don’t be so quick to single people out, when yo don;’t have your facts staright. I hope you Danny Savage) do not have any children, because the way he conducted himself shows that he cannot possibly care about todays youth or the future of our youth. The gentleman that did not submit that questioning of his video, to you “This is why people are misled when electing officials in office, it’s because of prejudice people like you that taint and cover for the fraudalent people. So that when someone is not given the entire picture of a person, they make a decision only based on what the are told or what they see and not the whole truth about the person. You (the one taping the video) I will pray for you. You are definitely a disgrace to America.

  7. Are you forgetting the Mr. Savage is not the 7th district council person but Maria is and was when this senseless & tragic event happened? Mr. Savage has been for years getting our children involved with sports- baseball, basketball, coaching teams and running organizations. Mr. Savage has been involved in his own cleanups with the sports teams. I commend his effort and others in the community who have given their free time (they aren’t getting a council member salary) in getting our children focused on the right path in life rather then having them hang on the streets with nothing to do and starting trouble.

    And with all the antics and nasty things that Maria Sanchez and her staff have said and done to Mr. Savage this election and last, I think he has every right to show some kind of emotion at them. It is terrible how she and her staff have used race against him and spread lies about him. If Mr. Savage didn’t show any emotion, I wouldn’t want him to be our council person. He wouldn’t have any backbone which you definitely need in our district to be able to stand up for what’s right and SAY what’s wrong – which Sanchez doesn’t do.

    The only disgrace here is Councilwomen Sanchez and her office who have made our district look like we are a bunch of low class citizens with her racial accusations and outrageous behavior. She is an absolute disgrace for her dealings with Matos and the Tartagliones. Yes, we would without a doubt want Danny Savage as our council person.

  8. Danny Savage is a very proud, caring and loving father. There is NO question about that. He also has a very committed admiration for Frankford and our young people. Frankford hasn’t seen or heard from Councilwoman Sanchez in 3 years, until now, because it’s election time. Everything that I have read and seen shows me that Ms. Sanchez has no class and is only interested in bettering herself – not our neighborhood.

  9. I am so glad this mother shared the truth with these readers, politics aside, Mr. Savage behavior was unruly and disgusting. As a person, you should never address a person in that matter… I think this paper should be fair and show the truth, instead of protecting one’s image. Isn’t there some morals missing here…Please submit the full video and stop playing politics, I hate this time of the year everybody is wrong in this case, especially the people who are suppose to report the truth, no opinions allow in a journalist.

  10. I hate this time of year too when people play distasteful games against their opponents during election time. I’m glad that FCD wrote in about Dan. Dan Savage has more class than our present council person could ever have.

    I could not believe that Ms. Sanchez, her Chief of Staff and Carlos Matos would come up with such nonsense like they did to disrupt Mr. Savage’s endorsement. Sanchez & Matos are two peas in a pod. Maria & her staff have constantly taken cheap shots against Savage – talk about the media not informing us of everything. I have no respect for Ms. Sanchez & her staff supporters who use racial slurs against another. This is how it has been since January. I am thoroughly disgusted with Sanchez’s (& Matos’) behavior. And if Kathleen thinks it’s acceptable to consistently address Mr. Savage or ANY person as a non-Latino then she is on the same level as Ms. Sanchez. That is the truth.

  11. I know where Danny Savage stands on the DROP issue and most everyone is in agreement with him. We were having this discussion at lunch as to why Councilwoman Sanchez is supporting Marion Tasco, and obviously Marge Tartaglione – now that Matos & Sen. Tina Tartaglione are with her? Didn’t we elect the Councilwomen to be “our” district’s voice? All of Philadelphia agrees that these elected officials, Tasco, Tartaglione and Rizzo, are taking advantage of the DROP loophole (to put it mildly). Why is Maria supporting someone who is doing something morally wrong. This is about character & integrity. What is right and wrong. There is no in between. This also applies to Sanchez’s decision to support someone like that.

    Why should we re-elect Sanchez if she would go along with something that is unethical? So in the future if another situation arises that is fraudulent or dishonest, Sanchez will do the same thing and just look away. Why would anyone believe otherwise?

  12. Perfect example of cowards, it’s clear that you want to cover up the truth with crazy attics of things that are untrue. I watch the debate online and the current councilperson stated “I can’t say who I would support because there is no one announce to run for president of council yet” so please stop with the games… Let’s stick to the point, where is the remaining part to Mr. Savages video?? I see everyone is trying hard not to answer that question. People should have the opportunity to see a person for who they really are “cowards”.

  13. I’m laughing as I’m reading the above from Kathleen. Thank you for your comment. This is exactly what we were discussing at lunch. The “void” that Sanchez has thrown out there on this subject.

    Sanchez knows very well that Tasco intends to run. If she doesn’t, then she is lying. All of Phila. knows that Tasco & Clarke are interested in being Council President. Maybe some people may not know about Blackwell because she is not mentioned too often. Tasco for years on council has said she wanted the position. Maria has stated before that she would consider Tasco if she ran- “consider”, Maria has been supporting Tasco from the start.

    Our councilwoman should be saying NO, I will not vote for or even consider Marian Tasco or any other council member who has “misused” the loophole in DROP, for Council President. That is the ethical & correct answer. This is the answer all of Phila wants to hear. Sanchez will not say that because she is going to vote for her if Tasco gets in again, which hopefully will not happen. Councilwoman Sanchez is suppose to be OUR voice isn’t she? She should be saying what the voters are saying not what she personally wants to do. There is nothing else to “consider”. This is exactly the play on words that Councilwoman Sanchez has done which we find amusing.

  14. Why not reduce the members of city council? With budgets so tight that school’s (which are a disgrace even with a better budget) and city services are being compromised and the DROP program a slap in any taxpayers face, it would pay to get rid of some of those back biting, ineffective, city council members who can’t seem to vote on changing anything except raises for themselves. This is the one city in the country that has more council members per capita than any other. And while you’re at it, how about reducing the white collar workforce in city hall? I’d vote for that.

  15. One should not assume anything, it is a stupid argument because no as of today is running for the position of president! So leave it alone until than, and as far as supporting DROP, correct me I’d I am wrong isnt Mr. Savage ward leader? And the democratic party is supporting Ron donatucci, who happens to be in DROP!! So as ward leader Mr. Savage has to support Drop!!! Sounds like a contradiction….And have been ward leader for some time maybe 8 yrs? Why hasn’t his ward improved? If this is how he treated the ward, why should people vote for him as a council person? It’s really typical of a person to push blame on the other person, when you represent the same area that you claim needs better leadership! You are the one we need to get rid of because you haven’t done anything to improve your ward…. Let me guess that is Sanchez fault also… People really need to wake up in this area, the people who have been in leadership for so long is holding this community back… Anyone can answer this what have Mr. Savage done in the last year for Framkford??? I’ll wait!

  16. kathleen i can tell you that he coached my son on the 11/12 year old deni whiz kids team at deni playground in frankford, he came straight from work after picking up his son from school. he was always around even during the weeks when there would be 3 games in 1 week on top of practices, and the season ran from mid march to july. he was very dedicated to that. i appreciate what he did for my son

  17. I glad to hear that…. But as a Ward leader I need to hear more than baseball coaching, my husband also coaches, but I wouldn’t consider him for any elected official offices with only that record… My question is more of community development, job creation, work shops, etc… I need my elected officials to do more than coach a lil league team to be consider a good elected official… Anyone else??

  18. Dan Savage has provided many Frankford kids the opportunity to participate in sports. Thanks to Dan, Deni Playground has fielded 6 travel baseball teams, 2 travel softball teams, and 3 travel basketball teams in the last year alone. These kids have gone all over city and competed. Playing their hearts out and learning valuable lessons of teamwork and camaraderie. Dan doesn’t just show up on opening day and cut a ribbon. He is right in the mix coaching baseball and basketball while leading his 3v3 team to a league championship. For most of the kids these are the first teams they have ever been on and its a positive experience. Dan is not just a coach, he is also a role model to the kids. An example of a Frankford kid who has done good and is giving back. Dan Savage isn’t holding the community back, he is putting on his back and working to better it everyday.

  19. Councilwoman Sanchez, I mean Kathleen, I mean Jason Dawkins, don’t you have better things to do? The part of the video not shown was the part where you, kathy, maria, Jason, set up the forum to have Dan Savage heckled like the coward you are. Much like her/your stunt the other day.

    Ask Maria about all she has TAKEN from FKD. The community theater that never happened? The Recovery task force that never happened? But Maria/Kathleen/Jason supports these Recovery houses destroying FKD. She supported NET, WEDGE, and now BRIDGES. She even had recovery home residents circulating her petitions and paid them to do it! One came to my door! I knew who he was and where he came from. She is a DISGRACE!

    She took one million dollars out of FKD Avenue, she took over 200,00 from DENI.

    She TAKES credit for EVERYTHING! Charter schools she happens to be in office for, all of a sudden happen because of her? Sankofa had its CHARTER way before she was even sworn in. DAN SAVAGE SUPPORTED THAT ON HIS WATCH. They just found their building while she was in office. GAMBREL PLAYGROUND was all DAN SAVAGE. NOT SANCHEZ. That Aspira charter school, the same thing. She tried to take credit for being a vice prinicpal there and she doesn’t even have a college degree! She was the substitute VP until a qualified one could be found. What a crock!

    Oh, and I will take a little league coach who has a family history of helping this community than a sister in law of a convicted drug dealer who lines up with the likes of Carlos Matos, Recovery houses, and DROP PIGS LIKE TASCO. BTW, Kathleen, Maria, or Jason, whoever you are, SHE WORKED FOR TASCO! Um, hello? SHE WORKED IN CITY COMMISSIONERS, TARTAGLIONE! Sounds like she is in their pockets. Get a grip and get real. And get back to work, Maria, Kathleen, Jason.

  20. THIS is the reason why the “Kathleen” person was so “insistent” on seeing some missing clip of the video? So as to see Savage gets “heckled” by “her” and Sanchez’s supporters/staff. You’ve got to be kidding! We heard that Sanchez was doing these staged heckling bouts to Savage during his debates/appearances. We just heard about the recent one where Sanchez’s chief of staff & supporters were throwing things at Representative Cruz and the others who were doing the endorsement. We are definitely talking about “SADISTIC” people here. To be blunt – crawl back into the hole where you came from. It’s just wrong. I don’t remember an election like this where it got this ugly from a woman.
    My co-worker wants to know if Maria ever made any type of apology or expressed any disapproval for what her chief of staff &supporters did to Mr. Savage and the other Hispanic gentlemen? We haven’t heard anything except read that now Maria’s staff person is going to be working for her full-time on her campaign. We were like -what the heck?
    All of us feel that DROP is an extremely important issue especially since there are many vital services especially our fire stations being closed because of money issues.
    This DROP issue shows who has integrity, who are “greedy”, and who are liars. You obviously want a councilperson with integrity. That has to be the base for any good council member or even a friend. If Sanchez hasn’t stated that she will not support any DROP elected officials and especially for the position of Council President, than she has NO integrity – period. There’s no I’m not sure who’s running because no one officially held a press conference – that has nothing to do with it. If the council member is in DROP & does the retire for a day/collect/return scheme, then they are unethical & an abuser by taking advantage of the loophole. It basically comes down to Sanchez will not take a stand for what is right. (Thanks FKD – we forgot about some of those things that had been taken away from Frankford when she got in office)

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