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Overington Park Planting May 14th

The rain fell 10 minutes after we finished. Somebody up there likes Overington Park. We mulched our 15 new trees, planted 71 donated plants and shrubs, 4 crates of cannas bulbs, and 50 packs of seed. We planted 3 new beds that we turned in April. A 50′ bed connecting two established beds along the Orthodox Street wall, a shade bed by the Pilling Street steps,  and the square bed by the play equipment. Also a small Ginkgo tree was planted. Our morning began with delicious baked goods made by our Friends group, and ended with warm soft pretzels. We laid out our plants by sun and shade and got under way planting. Once again we couldn’t have gotten it all done without the great help of Frankford High’s ROTC. Those kids shoveled a mountain of mulch and asked for more work, they are an invaluable resource.

Our Frankford Garden Club showed up in force. Friends of Overington Park count on them and they never let us down. Digging in wherever there was a need. Talking with our other volunteers, sharing their vast knowledge, and planting.  More neighbors from around the park joined us for the planting, this community of good people filling the park with positive work was very up lifting. Everyone’s hard work is making the park a beautiful place for all to share. As the season unfolds, the flowers should fill the park and let everyone know that Overington Park is a magical place protected and nourished by a great group of people who care.

Thanks for all of your hard work, Diane Kunze, Friend of Overington Park

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  1. God bless Friends of Overington Park.

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