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Frankford Stadium Graces Friday Night Lights Season Finale

We brought news of the filming of Friday Night Lights at Frankford Stadium way back in July of last year.  I just remembered that post recently and so went searching to see how it came out.   It turns out Frankford Stadium makes it’s appearance in closing minutes of the series finale on February 9th 2011.  The plot goes that the coach in Texas takes a job coaching the Pemberton Pioneers in Philadelphia.

Here are some screenshots:

That’s Marshall High School H.R. Edmunds Grade School in the background.  And I guess those are supposed to be stadium lights 200 feet high but they were really set up on Large Street.

I remember reading that these were Frankford’s football teams playing “Pemberton High” student atheletes.  At the team remained the Pioneers, as you can see on the Scoreboard.

Those flood lights are fired up, you could probably see the stadium from space.  Included in the shot are the houses on Rutland Street.